The conference was closed. Thank you all who participated in.
See you again in Sydney, Australia in 2015.


Moving Forward 

Hand in Hand 

for Foster Care !


We are very pleased to announce that IFCO will be holding its 17th World Conference in Osaka, Japan from September 13th to 16th, 2013. Osaka is Western Japan’s biggest city, a famous place for its long history, vigorous commercial activities, and unique and delicious cuisine.

IFCO 2013 will be the first IFCO World conference to be held in Japan or any other part of Asia. The conference will be a great opportunity for the many countries in Asia now facing a critical and growing need to establish better social systems for children and youth living in social care or foster care.

As we saw at IFCO 2011 in Victoria, Canada and other global IFCO conferences of the past, the organization will once again provide a venue for meeting, sharing experiences, fostering careers, and forging support networks among leading-edge professionals in child welfare, social workers, academics and researchers in various fields, volunteers, the media, policymakers, and the parents of children and youth currently in social care or foster care. Most important of all, the coming IFCO conference will be a new opportunity to empower the children and youth raised in social care or foster care. There will be programs and workshops planned out and run by youth themselves.

In Victoria in 2011, IFCO hosted 130 speakers from 20 different countries (including keynote speakers) and 638 participants from 25 countries (including youth and volunteers). We are now very excited to be hosting the IFCO World Conference in Japan this year. The conference slogan is already coined: “Let’s move forward, hand in hand for the Children!

Takashi Hoshino

Chairperson IFCO 2013

President, National Foster Parent Association of Japan

(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)

September 13th

  Keynote Address

  ”Child-centered family-based care as set out in the UN
  Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children”

  Jennifer Davidson

   (Director of Center for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland, UK)

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 Other programes:

  • Keynotes 
  • Symposiums
  • Workshops
  • Youth Program
  • Childrens Program
  • Booths
  • Silent Auction